⚰️ DipDup 6.5 branch is no longer supported. Please, follow the⠀Migration Guide⠀to update to the latest version.

Job scheduler

Jobs are schedules for hooks. In some cases, it may come in handy to have the ability to run some code on schedule. For example, you want to calculate statistics once per hour instead of every time handler gets matched.

Add the following section to the DipDup config:

    hook: calculate_stats
    crontab: "0 0 * * *"
      major: True
    hook: calculate_stats
    interval: 1337  # in seconds
      major: False

If you're unfamiliar with the crontab syntax, an online service crontab.guru will help you build the desired expression.

Scheduler configuration

DipDup utilizes apscheduler library to run hooks according to schedules in jobs config section. In the following example, apscheduler will spawn up to three instances of the same job every time the trigger is fired, even if previous runs are in progress:

    apscheduler.job_defaults.coalesce: True
    apscheduler.job_defaults.max_instances: 3

See apscheduler docs for details.

Note that you can't use executors from apscheduler.executors.pool module - ConfigurationError exception will be raised.