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This page covers the installation of DipDup in different environments.

Host requirements

A Linux/MacOS environment with Python 3.10 installed is required to use DipDup. Other UNIX-like systems should work but are not supported officially.

Minimum hardware requirements are 256 MB RAM, 1 CPU core, and some disk space for the database. RAM requirements increase with the number of indexes.

Non-UNIX environments

Windows is not officially supported, but there's a possibility everything will work fine. In case of issues throw us a message and use WSL or Docker.

We aim to improve cross-platform compatibility in future releases (issue).

Local installation

The following command will install DipDup for the current user:

curl -Lsf https://dipdup.io/install_lts.py | python

This script uses pipx under the hood to install dipdup and datamodel-codegen as CLI tools. Then you can use any package manager of your choice to manage versions of DipDup and other project dependencies.


Currently, we mainly use Poetry for dependency management in DipDup. If you prefer hatch, pdb, piptools or others — use them instead. Below are some snippets to get you started.

# Create a new project directory
mkdir dipdup-indexer; cd dipdup-indexer

# Plain pip
python -m venv .venv
. .venv/bin/activate
pip install dipdup

# or Poetry
poetry init --python ">=3.10,<3.11"
poetry add dipdup
poetry shell


See 6.2. Running in Docker page.