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SQL scripts

Put your *.sql scripts to <package>/sql. You can run these scripts from any callback with ctx.execute_sql('name'). If name is a directory, each script it contains will be executed.

Scripts are executed without being wrapped with SQL transactions. It's generally a good idea to avoid touching table data in scripts.

SQL scripts are ignored if SQLite is used as a database backend.

By default, an empty sql/<hook_name> directory is generated for every hook in config during init. Remove ctx.execute_sql call from hook callback to avoid executing them.

Event hooks

Scripts from sql/on_restart directory are executed each time you run DipDup. Those scripts may contain CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW or similar non-destructive operations.

Scripts from sql/on_reindex directory are executed after the database schema is created based on the models.py module but before indexing starts. It may be useful to change the database schema in ways that are not supported by the Tortoise ORM, e.g., to create a composite primary key.

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