⚰️ DipDup 6.5 branch is no longer supported. Please, follow the⠀Migration Guide⠀to update to the latest version.


The DipDup specification version defines the format of the configuration file and available features.

spec_version: 1.2

This table shows which specific SDK releases support which DipDup file versions.

spec_version valueSupported DipDup versions
0.1>=0.0.1, <= 0.4.3
1.0>=1.0.0, <=1.1.2
1.1>=2.0.0, <=2.0.9

If you're getting MigrationRequiredError after updating the framework, run the dipdup migrate command to perform project migration.

At the moment, spec_version has not changed for a very long time. Consider recreating the package from scratch and migrating logic manually if you have another value in your configuration file.