⚰️ DipDup 6.5 branch is no longer supported. Please, follow the⠀Migration Guide⠀to update to the latest version.

Demo projects

The DipDup repository contains several minimal examples of how to use various features for real-case scenarios. Please, do not use these examples in production unmodified. We have not put a production-grade amount of effort into developing them, so they may contain flaws in indexing logic.

Some projects that started as a demo now evolved into full-fledged applications running in production. Check out 10. Built with DipDup page.

TzBTC token

source: demo_token

The most basic indexer used in Quickstart. A single operation index to track balances of TzBTC token holders, nothing else.

hic et nunc

source: demo_nft_marketplace

Indexes trades and swaps of "hic et nunc", one of the most popular NFT marketplaces on Tezos.


source: demo_dex

Covers all available operations of Quipuswap DEX contracts: trades, transfers, moving liquidity. A more complex example with index templates.

Homebase RegistryDAO

source: demo_factories

Homebase enables users to create DAO contracts. In this example indexes are spawned in runtime (5.11. Index factories) for all contracts having the same script.

Tezos Domains (operation)

source: demo_domains

Tezos Domains is a distributed naming system. You probably have seen those fancy user.tez names while browsing explorers. This is a pretty basic example of how to index them.

Tezos Domains (big_map)

source: demo_big_maps

The same as above, but uses big_map index instead of operation one. The storage structure of this contract is pretty straightforward; we only need to track a single big map. This example contains skip_history: once directive to index only the current state of the contract before switching to realtime processing. It allows to speed up indexing even more.


source: demo_auction

A very basic indexer of TzColors NFT token and marketplace. Unlike hic et nunc this marketplace provides auction functionality. Other than that, it is pretty much the same.